Aerial Shots up to 8K

Video shooting up to 6K

In our service, we mainly use high-quality DJI Inspire drones (Inspire 3 and Inspire 2), equipped with X7 and X9 cameras to ensure extraordinary footage. We offer video recording in various formats such as H.264, ProRes, and CinemaDNG, with resolutions up to 8K to meet your needs. To ensure a professional and safe experience, each drone is operated by a team of two expert operators: one dedicated to piloting the drone (pilot) and the other to managing the camera

We know how to respond to the needs of high-level production

With a wide range of accessories including dozens of batteries, intercoms, wireless monitors for directors and crew, we are equipped to meet every need in the field of video production

We take care of all the bureaucracy

For each flight we assess the need for authorizations from public entities. We’ll take care of where you need to ask for special permits and authorizations!

We are recognized operators in Italy, and throughout Europe according to Easa regulations.
We can also fly into the city, even at night!

You have already seen our footage in the videos of: